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A Small Selection of Creation Organizations and Websites

Institute for Creation Research
Creationist graduate school located in El Cajon California.
Maintains a museum, sponsors seminars and publishes many books and periodicals.

Creation Research Society
A national organization of over 600 Christian Men and Women with advanced degrees in science.
Sponsors and publishes books and the Creation Research Society Quarterly with research and analysis of creation topics.

Answers In Genesis
Located in Florence Kentucky and Australia. Publishes books and periodicals including Creation Ex Nihilo, and Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal and is building a museum. Sponsors seminars and lectures

Center for Scientific Creation
Dr. Walter Brown
Lots of information on website.
Publishes books, sponsors seminars and debates.

Common Sense Science
An organization of physicists working on a return of physics to classical principles including cause and effect without paradoxes or departure from logic.

Creation Science Evangelism
Kent Hovind
c/o 29 Cummings Road
Pensacola FL 32503
phone 850-479-4311

Creation Sensation
2619 Donald Circle
Benton, AR 72015
phone 501-776-3147

Twin Cities Creation Science Association
6300 Georgia Ave. No.
Brooklyn Park MN 55428
Site has many other resource links listed. For information on monthly meetings (the third Tuesday of the months except August and December)also Adventure Safaris and science teaching for home schools see the latest calendar

The Creation Science Association For Mid-America
22509 State Line Rd
Cleveland, MO 64734
phone 816-618-3610

Creation Evidence Museum
PO Box 309
Glen Rose TX 76043
phone 254-897-3200

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