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Several members of the Olson family have web sites.

Ross and Karin's oldest son, Jeff and his wife, Rachel have a very nice site, which, as you might guess from the name, started with their many and varied fauna. But the cute fuzzy creatures have taken a back seat to the reigning princesses of the realm, Laura Ellen Olson, age 14 and Helen Grace Olson (Rao Zhan An) , age 11, Esther Roanna Olson age 9 and Clara Otelia Olson age7. See them all at

Ross and Karin's oldest daughter, Susan and her husband, Eric Anderson do not currently have a website but you can call them 763-221-2743 or e-mail to eric.susan.anderson{at} to find out about their Quixtar business.

Ross and Karin's second son, Jason and his ex-wife, Tami, also known as Ka'Tambra, who is a gifted Professional Photographer (see her site at

KaWan, our youngest daughter who is an artist, singer, actor, mome, teacher and professional photogrpher has a web site at Her husband, Brian Powers, is known as Snowman the Soulman.

Ross' brother Tim Olson is a retired junior high health teacher in Skokie Illinois. He has an award-winning web site, showing how school can invade cyberspace and win, and how personal trips and hobbies can become sought-after by search engines.
His wife Carole has a brand new site (that will win awards once it has been up for a while) highlighting her ability to redecorate a home using existing furnishings.

Karin's sister and brother-in-law, Christina and Steve Scott and their daughter, Sharonda of Columbus Ohio, have a site the showcases their wonderful talent of making keepsake videos from your old photos.
They also have a family photo site, which is mostly... you guessed it, Sharonda!
For the latest, e-mail them at stina.scott{at} to get the address

Karin's brother Tim Falck has a web site called "THEOMATICS Scientific Proof That GOD Wrote The Bible" .

Our oldest grandson, Christopher Olson, is world ranked in Rubil's Cube competition. Click HERE.

Karin's niece Candis Erickson has a NEW web site with interesting pictures and information.

If you want to find a lot of information on Karin's father's family (the Falck family) and access to the Falck Family Web Site
e-mail Ron Falck, Jr. at rdj{at}

June Falck has a new site.
To learn how to visit it
e-mail her at mailto:jefalck{at}

Karin's Norwegian third cousin Widar Bråthen recommends the Norwegian Royal site to begin your orientation to the Scandinavian roots. (We are not sure yet how closely we are related to the royal family.)
He can be contacted by e-mail if you are interested in the family tree traced back to 1260 (unless you think our ancestors owe money to your ancestors, in which case Widar does not speak English.)

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