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Locking Out The Truth

[Background: A young teen was sexually abused by a homosexual neighbor whom he trusted. The neighbor was despondent, suicidal and taken into custody but then released and given back his confiscated guns. He subsequently killed the boy and himself. Gay apologists blamed a conservative school board member who believed that homosexuality should not be declared normal by the schools.]

To The Editor

____ ______ did not die because of people like Mark Temke, no matter what Ken Darling thinks ("School Board Courts Tragedy By Locking Closet On Gays" 9/4/95.) Rather ____ and ______ both died because of the current climate of political correctness that LOCKS OUT THE TRUTH.

The statistics are clear, homosexuals are 25 times more likely than heterosexuals to commit suicide and 15 times more likely to commit murder. And at least 25% of Gays 21 years old or older admit to sex with boys under 16. These numbers, which are not secrets to those familiar with the actual literature, were obviously incredibly significant in the handling of this case.

After ____ had been sexually assaulted and his attacker had been taken into custody, not only was the attacker released, he was given back his guns. This is inexplicable until you understand the intense political pressure that has been applied over the past few years. It was fear of "homophobia" accusations that led to the mental health and law enforcement blunder that allowed a tragic murder and suicide.

This fear of dealing realistically with homosexual cases was almost certainly the reason, a few years ago, that Jeffrey Dahmer was not arrested when he was seen chasing a naked, incoherent, injured teen aged boy out of his Milwaukee home. Dahmer said the boy was his homosexual lover and the police let them go. The boy was later killed. Yet this aspect of the cases was never explored by the media beyond the fact that the police involved were disciplined for their action.

Homosexuality is a personal and societal tragedy, especially if it is acted out. There is a strong case for the fact that the problems are not a result of lack of acceptance, but rather are an intrinsic part of the lifestyle. Yet we find ourselves in a strange intellectual climate where any evidence of the down side to homosexuality is automatically disqualified as prejudiced.

Mortality figures show that for sexually active male homosexuals with AIDS the median age of death was 39 years. For those without AIDS it was 42 years and for Lesbians, 45. The causes of death were multitude but murder and suicide were incredibly high. This was true even in communities where acceptance was complete. It was not "Gay Bashers" doing the killing either, but rather homosexuals themselves.

Youth need wise counsel on homosexuality, for sure. Simply saying, "Everything is OK," does not change the facts, and it just allows more young people to slide towards disaster. For some of those with homosexual inclinations, change is possible if they avoid reinforcing those inclinations. For some, life may be very difficult. But a life of struggle can produce a beautiful person and simply acting on impulses may ultimately kill. This fact is lost on most modern Americans.

Ross S.Olson MD

[This Commentary was never published by the newspaper]


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