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A Flawed President

President Donald Trump is a flawed man in many ways. As a Christian commanded to intercede for
those in authority, I pray that he take wise counsel from men and women who have a godly perspective.
I also pray that he also come to the end of himself, recognize his own inadequacy to carry out the job of
leading the nation, repent and have a genuine transformative experience with God.

Among Trumpís faults is his misuse of women. It does not make it excusable just because Presidents
Kennedy and Clinton exhibited the same behaviors, although they did not brag about it. Yet the
Feminist response seems to make abortion the crown jewel of their movement. Abortion is a personal
and societal tragedy and not a magical solution to any of problems that lead to it.

In all the discussion of the issue, the actual data is ignored. After abortion, there is significant long-
lasting psychological harm leading to behaviors that further complicate the lives of those involved. This
involves both the women who had the abortion and the men who would have been the father of the
baby. Even the extended family and the abortion providers are affected.

I have compiled the research on my website, under "Abortion" in the article at

Ross S. Olson MD

Published in Star Tribune January 25, 2017

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