Office of the President

The American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098


Dear Friends,


I can no longer in good conscience belong to an organization that is willing to put children at risk in order to maintain political correctness.


The endorsement of homosexual adoption was the last straw, coming in the face of clear (but widely ignored) evidence of the harm it causes.


In addition, the long-time failure of AAP to protect the unborn has been a gross miscarriage of its supposed mission.  This is not to mention failure to warn of the broken hearts that aborted mothers will experience when the finality of what they have done hits home,   This may occur years later, but is none-the-less a direct result of having been deceived into thinking that killing a inconvenient fetus would solve the associated problems.


Also, AAP is guilty of the betrayal of our teens by endorsing “the animal model of adolescence.”   This is done by continuing to cynically assume that the best we can do for them is blunt the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and unwed pregnancies.  Abstinence until marriage has been simply listed, often at the end of the list, as one of many equal choices instead of the ideal for physical and mental health and the best guarantee of survival for our civilization.


It is with sadness that I resign, knowing of the great effort of many who have tried to steer the ship in other directions.


I am joining the American College of Pediatricians, which stands for the healthy values that are endorsed by a very large number of current AAP members as well as the majority of the families Pediatricians serve.





                                                                                                Ross S. Olson MD

                                                                                                5512 14th Ave. So.

                                                                                                Minneapolis MN 55417