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To The Editor:

John Olson (no relation... well maybe all Scandinavians are related) in his 10/6/03 commentary "Unnecessary Rxes For Kids Send Guy Over The Edge" seemed to be having a wonderful time with his little exercise in free association -- or was it a medical piece for the "What's My Diagnosis" feature in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association?

Unfortunately, all the levity does no good for families who indeed suffer from having a child with clinical Attention Deficit Disorder but are prejudiced against effective medical management by all the current misinformation. What seems to be confusing for the critics is that there is a continuum between childish misbehavior that is expected for age and that which is significantly out of the normal range and becomes a limiting factor in education or social interactions. I wonder what John's mother would say about all this?

Ross S. Olson MD

The Star Tribune published this letter with minor changes.

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