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Dear Editor,

I suggest that you do a research article on adoption to counter the mythology that gets unanswered prominence in abortion debates. A mother from California quoted in your article "No Easy Answers"(September 1989) claims to have had involvement of some sort with the "adoption system" and states that "Children of unwanted pregnancies are rarely the highly adoptable babies who are in demand."

I beg to differ with that statement. First of all, most aborted babies are normal. Secondly, adoption of special needs children and interracial adoption is not at all rare. Many agencies that counsel against abortion provide adoption services. I know because I support such agencies. I know because my wife and I have two adopted children, both of whom came as older children with questions hanging over their medical and family histories. We have friends and neighbors who have adopted children, including some with multiple handicaps.

The proponents of abortion too often project their own attitudes on the rest of the world, the attitude that only the perfect child and perfect situation are acceptable.


Ross S. Olson MD

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