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Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 7:33 AM
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Subject: Is Atheisim A Religion?

Dear Editor

A representative of Atheists for Human Rights claimed, "We are not a religion and have no beliefs to force on you." (Star Tribune 7/8/03).

Let us think for a moment about what defines a religion. Atheism is a comprehensive worldview that encompasses the meaning of life and location of ultimate authority. They just happen to believe that we are all cosmic accidents, formed without plan and with no ultimate purpose. And yet they feel that we are the masters of our own fate (if they can only figure out a way for one random molecule to tell another one which way to bounce.)

As to imposing their views, the atheistic perspective, which has often prevailed in the courts, states that even if there is scientific evidence that life could not arise by chance (and there is), it cannot be taught in the public schools because it would constitute establishment of religion. Please follow this out and note that in their view, atheism must be taught -- without evidence -- to prevent intelligent design from being taught -- with evidence. Atheists are thus willing to outlaw the truth if it conflicts with their religion.

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