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To the Editor:

As parents of two biological children and one adopted child (and with one more on the way -- from Hong Kong), we naturally are concerned about attitudes toward adoption. We do not agree, however, that the "Cabbage Patch Kids" adoptable dolls are a legitimate cause for concern. Unlike the campaign to "Adopt a Tree", the opportunity to adopt a doll actually represents a reasonable approximation to the real thing. (Of course, they might make it even more realistic with home studies, embarrassing questions and interminable delays.)

We sincerely feel that the dolls are, rather, an excellent tool for teaching. Children have played with dolls since the dawn of history and adopting a doll is no more a trivialization of adoption than dolls are trivialization of babies in general.

We are concerned that a legitimate desire to protect our children from insensitive attitudes may cause us to overreact (and in the process lose credibility) if we think we own the word "adopt".

Ross S. Olson
Karin F. Olson

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