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Date: July 6, 1998

Subject: AT & T

There is another factor at work in the apparently foolish decisions being made by AT&T, that is either unknown to or ignored by A. Michael Noll ("Deal With Cable Guy Could Spell AT&T's Doom," Star Tribune, 7/6/98). The reason for this omission is also hinted by your editorial of the same day ("Anti-gay Rhetoric") which considers it bigotry to liken homosexuality to alcoholism and sexual addiction.

Scientific investigation into the homosexual lifestyle reveals a disturbing correlation with increased health risks and early death. This is the reason that it is not kind or caring to affirm it as normal as AT&T has so prominently done.

Has the boycott of AT&T by those committed to the truth made an impact that the gay strategists refuse to acknowledge? Or is it even possible that the ancient document needs to be taken seriously that says, "God's anger is revealed from heaven against all who prevent the truth from being known?"

Ross S. Olson

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