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From: Ross Olson <ross{at}>
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014
To: Editor Star Tribune (opinion{at}
Subject: Complicity

Thank you for printing Katherine Kersten’s analysis of the anti-bullying initiative. Now let’s see if you
allow positive feedback. A reader sees a hidden agenda in Kersten but what about the hidden agenda in
the program? And for you, the free press, the question is how much did you know and when did you
know it? Euphemisms, like carpets, need to be looked under. The goal of normalizing homosexuality,
making great strides already, does so without meeting any skepticism about the cover-up of the dark
side. While you vilify the church authorities who failed to stop abuse, you yourselves are part of a
massive cover-up of the pervasive adult-child sex which is part of the gay lifestyle. In multiple studies,
including those by gay researchers, 25% of gay men admit that they, as adults over 21, have had sex
with boys under 16. The big question is are you co-conspirators or merely “useful idiots.”

Ross S. Olson MD

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