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Sent: September 13, 2007
To: Editor Star Tribune (
Subject: Condom Award

Condom Award

Isn't it great that our own University of Minnesota is recognized as number one by the condom industry! ("Safe Sex: U is rated best in nation at promoting it." 9/13/07)

One of the -- lets call them "perpetrators" -- with the "Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education" program was ecstatic at the reaction of some freshmen to a person in a condom suit and free condoms. She described the kids' expressions as "priceless," their reactions as "shocked" and gloated conspiratorially that this was probably not what the parents expected from college.

If the product were cocaine or even tobacco, we would recognize this as a perverse use of peer pressure. And the statement that 2/3 of college students are sexually active does not change the facts. The psychological consequences of impermanent relationships alone are devastating even if diseases are prevented. And the program seems to want to increase the percentage of participants to 100%.

Ross S. Olson MD

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