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July 7. 1993
301 Howard Street 17th Floor
San Francisco CA 94105

Dear Editor,

It is ironic that you warn parents about sex offenders in the same issue (May 1993) as you recommend Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids. A book for "ages 8 and up" that is "pro-lust and pro-masturbation," and at times... resembles an instruction manual," sounds like abuse to me, even if "preteens will find her candor refreshing."

Sex offenders often prime their victims with just such material. I'll grant that Dr. Ruth does not plan to personally. violate her innocent readers, she only intends to guarantee the continuation of the disastrous sexual revolution well into the next century.

Sex is indeed something wonderful, when it is shared within a relationship of lifetime trust and commitment, Any other way, it is a powerfully destructive force.

This is the message to be left with kids, who have more important developmental issues to deal with in the preteen years , and are already bombarded by more stimulation than they need.


Ross S. Olson MD

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