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Sent: September 19, 2006
To: Editor Star Tribune (
Subject: Dysfunctional Islam

The Pope quoted a 14th Century Byzantine Emperor as saying to a Muslim visitor, "Spreading the faith through violence is something unreasonable... God is not pleased by blood." And the response of the Muslim world is outrage, attacks on Christian churches and the killing of a Catholic nun who dedicated her life to serving the people of Somalia. Think for a minute! Doesn't this response illustrate the contention that something is terribly wrong with Islam?

Why do moderate Muslims not condemn the violence? Frankly, they, too have been terrorized. If a Pakistani in Birmingham converts to Christianity, the extended family will feel obligated to kill him or her. This is not exaggeration but sober fact. And indeed, more Muslims have died in Iraq than Americans, but who is killing them? It is radical Muslims who blow up men, women and children "for the cause."

Liberals hate the word "evil" because they do not understand human nature and spiritual deception. Yes, Christianity has been marred by misdeeds of human beings, but they are recognized as contrary to the teachings and example of Jesus. The Christian willingness to die -- not to destroy but to save -- is not fatalism but faith. For the day is coming when the Creator who became our Savior will return as Judge. Only then will the fog of deception be lifted and the hidden motives of human hearts be exposed.

Ross Olson

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