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I have always enjoyed science fiction and certainly would not begrudge the price of a helicopter to fund the search for extraterrestrial life. However, Eugene F. Mallove's glib distortion (Commentary, Feb. 20) of the scientific facts should not be allowed to mislead the uninformed. Finding the basic building blocks of life in outer space does not mean that life is inevitable any more than finding a stone block on the riverbank means that the Taj Mahal will spontaneously appear over time.

The laws of mathematics and physics clearly show that the simplest life could not have arisen by chance anywhere in the universe over the most generous timespan possible. In addition, the experimental evidence from the analysis of our own solar system should have brought deep misgivings to those of the evolutionary persuasion because if natural processes produced the plethora of life on Earth, there should have been at least something elsewhere in the solar system.

The presence of life in the universe can be explained only by the action of an external supernatural, superintelligent power who also designed the very fabric of the universe to be suitable for life.

-- Ross S. Olson, M.D., Minneapolis.

Published 3/5/1984

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