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For the Children?

The evidence begs to differ with Dr. Alan Goldbloom and the American Academy of Pediatrics (“The evidence says a family’s love is more important than its form” 10-17-2012).

In a study published in the July 2012 issue of Social Science Research, Regnerus examined the effect on a child if he realizes one or both of the parents are homosexual. Such children do far worse on a wide variety of measurements than do children raised by heterosexual parents, but especially striking was the incidence of subsequent abuse and sexual dysfunction.

Summarizing the results of Regnerus' study, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow said: "Those who knew that their mothers had had a lesbian relationship fared significantly worse on measures of educational attainment and household income, reported more depression, used marijuana more, more often reported forced sexual encounters, felt less close to their biological mother, felt less safe and secure in their family of origin, had more often pled guilty to a minor criminal offense and were more likely to be on public assistance. Those who knew their fathers had had a gay relationship were more likely to have been arrested, to have thought recently about suicide, to feel depressed, to report sexually transmitted diseases and to have experienced forced sex."

Ross S. Olson MD, Pediatrician

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