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From: Ross Olson [ross[at}]
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010
To: Editor Star Tribune (opinion{at}
Subject: Freedom of Worship

Freedom of Worship

Ambassador Azziz Mekouar of Morocco (“Setting the record straight on Morocco” 7/31/2010) insists
that his country has freedom of worship and Christians are only expelled or prosecuted if they break
the law against proselytizing. This is probably the truth as far as it goes but clearly not the whole truth
and is definitely not the same as freedom of religion. Jesus told his followers, "Go into all the world
and preach the good news to all creation.” This refers to the good news that sins can be forgiven and
lives transformed. It is not to be kept secret but proclaimed – it is an integral part of practicing
Christianity. A person becomes a Christian by personal decision and therefore needs information and
demonstration. Christians all over the world are commanded to live-out the love of God by acts of
kindness combined with words explaining that the love comes originally from God, who wants a
relationship with each individual he has created. There is not to be coercion to convert nor
punishment for leaving the faith.

Ross S. Olson

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