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Mea culpa, You-a Culpa…

The sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is indeed a terrible betrayal of trust (“Mea Maxima Culpa, Owning Up To A Catholic Crisis” March 24, 2002). But in your editorial comments, you say more than you realize. Let me explain.

By condemning this situation, you are showing that you agree with something all adults with mature insight will admit, that there are sexual impulses which should not be acted out. And by holding the abuser responsible, you are recognizing that impulses are not irresistible.

This is important, because some pedophiles will claim that they have to follow their feelings and, in fact, that a desire coming from within is by definition good.

But I challenge you to focus your insight onto a politically inflammable issue and consider the increased acceptance of intergenerational sex within the gay community, rationalized by academia and accepted naively by the media. If sexual abuse is a betrayal of trust by a person of influence in the church – who probably knows that it is wrong – then it is also a betrayal of trust for a teacher, a coach, a family member or any other adult -- who may be of the mind-set that some children are gay and signaling a need for sex.

This is not a baseless charge, because the justification of these practices has already entered the mainstream. See “ ’Pedophilia Chic’ Reconsidered” by Mary Eberstadt, reprinted on Also note that for many years, 25% of adult gay males, over age 21, have admitted to sex with boys under age 16. (Bell, A. and Weinberg, M., Homosexualities, NY, Simon and Schuster, 1978.)

Please be consistent and be honest. Be courageous. Dare to look at the truth and make the call. You can’t have it both ways. If it is wrong for the clergy, it is wrong for the gay activists. Hypocrites do not exist only in the church!

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