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Ross Olson
Sent: March 29, 2008
To: Editor Star Tribune (opinion{at}
Subject: Suicide

You come close to investigative reporting in looking at middle age suicide ("Midlife Malaise" 3/29/08) but fail to connect all the dots or enter "forbidden territory." Yes, divorce is a factor and so is sexual abuse. Has it occurred to you that sex without commitment, serial monogamy, heralded by some as liberation of women, is essentially abuse? And although you mention post partum depression -- something that is not new -- you fail to even acknowledge the Pandora's box of abortion. There is abundant evidence that abortion produces a post-traumatic stress disorder that may take decades to show its most devastating effects and hits hard at the end of the reproductive years. In fact, it affects the men who were involved as well as the women. See my article "It's Not Good for Women (Or Men") at

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