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Subject: Modesty

Anne K. Ream asks herself, "What is it about the growing 'modesty movement' that makes me so nervous?" (8/27/07, "Modestly assessing the modesty movement"). Her tortured logic gives a clue that the answer may be a nagging suspicion that "I was wrong" may be in order. While acknowledging the need for a fallback from the current epidemic of casual sex, she fears that equality of opportunity is threatened by restraint in sexual expression. Remember "You've come a long way baby?" Is it really progress when women follow men into destructive behaviors?

She rightly points out that male irresponsibility is equally implicated in the present state of affairs but declares that there is no parallel program for men. I would not expect her to know about Christian movements, especially ones that have been vilified by the ignorant. "PromiseKeepers" has been successfully calling men to love their wives just as Jesus Christ loves the church, sacrificially. This is not an endorsement of shoe-pounding "bring me my supper, woman," but training in taking a servant-leader stance in the home and in the community, empowered by a heart-transforming relationship with God.

Ross S. Olson

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