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From: Ross Olson
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 10:49 AM
To: Editor Star Tribune

Promoting Prostitution and Promiscuity

Laurie Garrett ("Sex and the State Department" 5/8/07) thinks that "puritanical morals" are hindering the battle against AIDS. I guess this sort of misconception comes from not understanding that sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted sexually. And further, illustrates the strange disconnect that considers it pro-woman to ridicule those who oppose prostitution and promiscuity. In truth, it is children and adolescents, girls and boys, who are often sold, forced or tricked into the sex industry and enslaved by violence and drugs, doomed to a miserable life and early death. And promiscuity hurts every one but most of all it hurts women, often trying to raise children.

Ms. Garrett, if your child were being sexually abused, would it make it better to know that they were paid? And would you be happy to see it continue if you knew that the assailant were using a condom?

Ross S. Olson MD

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