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Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2002 10:13 PM
To: Editor Star Tribune
Subject: Rewriting History

Rewriting History

The birth of Israel was NOT "a well-planned Jewish coup" which the Palestinians "did not see... coming." ("For Palestinians, the real terror began in 1948" by Robin Halloum, 4/20/02). The May 14, 1948 establishment of Israel followed a November 29, 1947 resolution by the United Nations of a partition plan, creating a homeland for the Jews as well as one for the Palestinians.

The Arab nations refused from the beginning to accept the resolution because they refused to accept the existence of Israel. And on May 15, 1948, they invaded the territory given by the United Nations to Israel, but were driven back by the greatly outnumbered Israeli forces, who then pushed into part of the Palestinian territory.

One of the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people has been the strategy of its own leadership. When King Hussein of Jordan tried to provide housing and jobs for the refugees, their leaders preferred to keep them in camps so that they would continue to feel persecuted and angry, willing to continue the struggle for the destruction of Israel.

Ross S. Olson

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