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Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 7:29 PM
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Subject: Science and Faith

Lisa Randall gets the relationship of faith and science all wrong (“How Science Can Lead The Way”
10/3/2011). I found that my medical education never hinted at any problems with evolution, but
when I actually began to look, I was appalled. The evidence for an intelligent designer is overwhelming
– a simple bacterium is as complex as a city. Then why doesn’t everybody accept it? The factors are
non-scientific! If you plan an academic career and doubt Darwin, you have no future. If you
philosophically rule out the supernatural by fiat before you ever look at the world, of course you will
say, “evolution must have happened because we are here.” And at the root is a group of hard-core
opponents who DON’T NOT WANT A GOD because they want complete autonomy. Only people who
already believe have the objectivity and the courage to challenge the ruling paradigm. And by the
way, if your brain is just molecules bouncing around, you have no free will anyway.

Ross S. Olson MD

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