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Sex Lessons

Ever since the 1986 Planned Parenthood-commissioned Harris Poll on "comprehensive sex education" showed an increase in sexual activity after contraceptive education, experts committed to the "safe sex" concept have been scrambling for justification. They find an occasional study that seems to show their approach "does not increase sexual activity" and ignore those showing something else.

They express dismay that any parents oppose their programs, and even try to block a choice such as offered by Osseo schools between programs that view sex as a powerful force that can help bond together a lifetime relationship, or can be a path to personal and societal destruction. Many contraceptive educators even try to redefine their approach as "abstinence from intercourse," stressing other modes of sexual expression like mutual masturbation and oral sex.

Why do enlightened people have problem with that? Because it assumes that the only possible problems asstociated with teenage sex are disease or pregnancies, both of which can be easily prevented or "cured." A few parents are not yet so cynical as to want such a fate for their children. They recognize that psychological devastation is the biggest effect of sex without commitment, and it leads to other problems as well.

There is an unfounded assumption among liberals that given adequate information, people will do the right thing. Sorry, but even teachers tend to lie about sex.

Ross S. Olson, Minneapolis.

Star Tribune published this letter 1/27/98

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