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To: Editor Star Tribune
Subject: Soul Searching and Literature Searching

To the Editor:

I have a question for Sharon Schmickle ("Soul-Searching Over Cloning Debate," June 17, 2002.) Did you really find nothing in your research about the use of adult stem cells for therapy of diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, etc.? Or did your employer refuse to allow its publication?

The conflict concerning "therapeutic cloning" is not between the life of an embryo and compassion for the sick, it is between deception and truth.

There has been great success in the use of adult stem cells -- not requiring the destruction of an organism -- for treatment of diseases, but a powerful cloak of censorship has settled over the issue. Can anyone imagine why? Is it purely financial in that embryos don't claim ownership or collect royalties. Or is it just to fabricate another "justification" for destruction of pre-born life?

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