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September 25, 2000
Infectious Diseases in Children
To the Editor

The titles in the September issue tell a story that makes me very sad. "Children with HIV," "Talking about Sex," "Adolescents with HIV," "Risky Behavior among Teens," and even "School Based Clinics" -- whose (not really secret) purpose is to have access to teens for birth control and STD treatment without the knowledge of the parents.

Children have been told lies about sex, both by mainstream media and misguided professionals. Movies and television spiral down into frank pornography while teachers and doctors devise non-judgemental approaches based on "acceptance."

What should be the goal and message to teens? "One partner for life!" It is not rocket science to see that this breaks the cycle of epidemic STD's. And any adult with a clear head ought to realize that it is the healthiest psychologically.

Ross S. Olson MD

[published in January 2001]

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