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To the Editor, Star Tribune


On June 26, your front page carried a dominant colorful picture of the New York gay-rights parade. The same day hundreds of thousands across the nation (and world) took to the streets in a March for Jesus. Nowhere in your paper was this newsworthy event mentioned.

As is often noted, the only time Jesus' followers are aired or in print is when they are vilified, as the three R's: radical, religious, right. The Christian Right is the only unprotected minority left in America.

Ray and Wanda Bodin, Lutsen, Minn.


It is appropriate that the current celebration of gay rights should be named after the 1969 incident at the Stonewall bar, because "stonewall" is what has happened since then to rational discussion of the gay lifestyle. Anyone who points out the destructive effects of homosexual practices is automatically labeled homophobic and wrong.

Ross S. Olson, Minneapolis.

Published July 3, 1994

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