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                                                                                                August 13, 2000

Lou Gelfand

425 Portland Avenue South

c/o Star Tribune MN 55488



Dear Mr. Gelfand,


The article on Christian treatment and recovery from homosexuality by Tony Kennedy (Metro/State 8/13/2000) was balanced, including comments by distinguished scientist and therapist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi as well as a recovered homosexual man.  It even included the information on the way desire for father love sometimes becomes sexualized in adolescence.


But the editor in charge of photos put in only pictures of the protesters outside the meeting.  The essence of a free press is allowing the free exchange of ideas and that article was a good start.  But in our intensely visual society, a picture conveys messages that for many people trump information and logic.








                                                                                                Ross S. Olson MD

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