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November 7, 1995
Editorial Department
Star Tribune
425 Portland Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55488

Dear Editor,

Lawrence Rudnick reacted negatively to Syl Jones' finding of a "joyful, generous creative spirit" at the root of our complex and beautiful Universe. At least it is not something he would have said. Mr, Rudnick feels scientists should stick to the hard data and leave interpretation to each individual.

I wish Carl Sagan were so restrained and it would be nice if minuscule fluctuations of the background radiation were not greeted by others with exclamations such as, "It is like looking into the face of God!"

In fact, what scientists often say, or imply when they "allow" the laity to attach their own interpretations, is that the hard data is all there is. You can attribute any meaning you want because there really is none.

To anyone who claims that the evidence actually points to a supernatural cause, a creator, these guardians of objectivity say, "Shut up and sit down."


Ross S.Olson MD

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