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October 02, 2006
To: Editor Star Tribune (
Subject: "The Talk Before Sex"

Misplaced Shame?

The architects of the sexual revolution must be thrilled that we have come so far. ("How Best To Approach 'The Talk' Before Sex" 9/30/06). Without the faintest awareness of the existence of monogamy -- much less its benefits -- the Star Tribune publishes a "How To" article on discussing Sexually Transmitted Diseases with potential partners. Shame, guilt and even responsibility are all shrugged off as the brave new world of obligatory promiscuity is not only accepted but affirmed and applauded. Even "victims" in this dangerous lottery show no tendency to have learned from the experience and certainly do not warn the next generation of the consequences of their failed philosophy. As a retired pediatrician I am saddened and angered at this glorification of moral blindness.

Ross Olson MD

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