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Who Is Doing The Abusing?

Your editorial “A ban on therapy to ‘pray away the gay’” (10/16/2012)illustrates the triumph of political correctness. It appears that you can be anything you want to be… except ex gay!! A courageous newspaper would look under the rug and behind the façade.

It is not a secret to anyone who has actually examined the literature -- including studies by gay authors -- that 25% of adult male homosexuals admit that while they were over age 21 they had sex with boys under 16. And of the boys whose first sexual experience is homosexual, whether "consensual," seduced or forced, 60% will go on to act and identify as homosexual.

Every mature and completely honest adult will admit that they have had sexual desires that they KNOW should not be acted out. so the principle is established that everybody has to control themselves some of the time. Might it be possible that some might have to control themselves all of the time? What about a person who is only sexually excited by rape? By sex with children? Everybody will draw a line somewhere.

Ross S. Olson MD

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