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Poetry: Discipleship

Can God Be Trusted?

Forsake myself, Lord?
Follow Thee?

And where then will my footsteps lead?
To some forsaken land to "serve,"
Or strange associations Lord,
And won't I then a fool become
And goatskins wear
And food abhor,
A fool become,
Be spit upon
And run the streets with shouts of doom
And say and do things brainlessly
Proclaiming loudly, "Judgment soon!"

But for these reservations, Lord,
I'd follow Thee
And faithful be
And unreserved, forsaking all
I'd follow Thee.

O Lord my faith indeed is small.

My mind affirms Thy power sure,
Thy knowledge is complete, I know
And love like Thine I can't mistake,
But trust Thee, Lord?
My faith is small.

Ross Olson

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