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Poetry: Discipleship

Walk in Faith

I walk, sometimes the world scoffs,
and only His unerring light
can keep me on the narrow path.

But other times, the world acclaims
some gift, for which I have no boast,
but ought to strive to use it right
and glorify the One Who gave.

I see the press of loyal fans
and focus on the good reviews,
believing every glowing word
and not the lies I know they hide.

The remedy, as I began,
must walk in true humility .
And no good thing I bring to Him
but only empty heart and hands.

So as I go the same fact reigns.
Look not aside and not behind,
but only up and on ahead.

To Him Who made the road and me
to walk for Him and bring along
the ones He meant for me to meet.

From one right path there branch aside
A myriad of other ways that end in death
or black despair, a quick surprise or slow decline.

From one of those I might turn back
and sometimes does that choice remain.
But many choose to stay the course.

Repent, obey, you start the walk
And likewise, only, right can end.

Ross S. Olson, August 2016

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