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What Liberty!

What liberty!
My Master said, "The price is paid,
My grace is free.
I do not ask a martyr's grave
Or sacrifice,
Thou former slave.
No riches do I ask of thee,
I have enough,
And service.
See, I give you what you could never earn
And ne'er repay.
Do not concern yourself
With debts,
But live
And live without regrets.
For this is true humility
To say, 'Lord, thanks for loving me.'
And if your love
Should loose your purse
Or lead to service,
Don't reverse the joy
By writing
In a book or on your mind.
I do not tally deeds of love
Nor meter grace
Nor pay in kind.
I love you first
And not your acts.
I'll not be bribed with filthy rags.
Do not insult the price I paid
But wear the garment Christ has made."

óRoss Olson

After reading Not Me, God, by Sherwood Eliot Wirt

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