Preface to the special edition

After the confirmation of irrefutable documentary links between the early American Wafting movement and some of the great names in Wooly Mammoth International organizational history, the publication of this edition of Milady's Guide To Inside Wafting as a part of the WMI's prestigious "Books of Extinction" series was a happily unavoidable conclusion.

Contemporaneously, the renewed public controversy sparked by civil libertarian and environmentalist litigation has only served to heighten interest in (and indeed attendance at) the matches of this past summer. Finally, the knowledge that, under certain conditions, woombats are capable of sustained flight has prompted an all-out effort to understand the basic physiology and determine its commercial applications.

As it was so aptly put in the recent Time editorial, "It seems incredible that scientists could have suppressed this information for so long, simply because it did not fit with fashionable dogma." The Old World woombat herders were well acquainted with the phenomenon, of course, and recognized that it occurred in the years divisible by 49 during the life of these remarkable creatures.

Indeed, at present a number of Psychiatric authorities have suggested that dozens of retired wafters, languishing in mental institutions, may be sane after all. Furthermore, the fascinating connection between airborne woombats and UFO's is only beginning to be investigated.

"Waft him one, Charlie"


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