Questions and Answers

One of the most common questions asked concerning The Wafting Guide is whether there is any connection with Alice in Wonderland.*

Although there is no evidence that Charles Dodgson (or Lewis Carroll either, for that matter) ever personally participated in "The Noblest Pastime Of Them All," the Red Queen's style of Croquet suggests that knowledge of Wafting, however distorted, was present at Oxford. At any rate, the interminable nature of Cricket, which was indeed very popular in England, may have taken its cues from "The Sport Of The Ages."

And the Dormouse, although named for a nocturnal squirrel-like creature, behaves much like a pet Wombat (Australian, not Slambezian) owned by a Mr. Rossetti, known for sleeping on the dinner table -- the pet, that is.

Now that the matter is perfectly clear, we are ready for our first real question.

* Since no one has ever asked a question about The Wafting Guide, this question is literally as common as any question.

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