The Twin Killing of 1927 is one of the darkest memories in the history of Wafting. In the first inning of the All Star Game the woombats broke out of the cage, 167 strong and so frightened and agitated the Wafter that he hefted his Wafting iron which ultimately struck and simultaneously killed Herman and Therman Vermin, Siamese-twin rovers for the Chinese-American All Stars.

It was later discovered that great hordes and droves of female blue bottle flies were responsible for the panic and departure of the normally docile woombats in the cage. The Infield Fly Rule was universally adopted in November of 1928. In order to effect the strictest possible enforcement of this rule, whole flocks of Slambiezian Round Robins were imported. These obese but picturesque birds live in symbiosis with the woombats in their native state picking the annoying blue bottle flies from the backs (and who knows, perhaps the fronts) of their furry friends.

Twin Killing

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