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What's New?

What's New?

Letters to the Editor has new things posted peridocally. Occasionally my letters are published by the target publication, but most are pretty selective about how much disagreement they allow.

Twin Cities Creation Science Association I am ostensibly the "webmaster" of this site but feel more like the fly than the spider. Meetings, Articles, Book Reviews, Dinosaur Digs, Science Fair, Debates and Links to lots of other creation resources. This site has grown in size and usefulness.

  • Abortion
    Website with up to date Pro-Life Resources, national and local,
    including crisis pregnancy centers.
  • Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

  • Bioethics
    for links to articles on cloning, stem cell research, end of life issues and more, clickHERE.

  • Drama

  • Many Biblical monologues and other dramas available Drama
    Belshazzar and Pilate are new in 2014 - 2015

  • Links
    "Truth or Fiction" is a very good "Hoax Detection" Website

  • Religion
    What does it mean to be a Christian?

  • Resources

  • One page with all the resource links. Links to Resources

  • Whimsy

  • A category that some might feel applies to the whole site. Whimsy
    Especially check out the infamous "Wafting Guide," and see if you can figure out why the co-authors either (a) left the country for nearly a decade or (b) went into psychiatry -- professionally at least.

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