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Relative Administrative Units

I recently intercepted this undated memo, and after careful reflection and consultation concluded that it deserved a wider distribution.

R. S. O.

Relative Administrative Units

Consumer driven accounting systems and government regulations now require that administrators be compensated based on productivity by means of the RAU (Relative Administrative Unit).

Administrators will be responsible for filling out the attached form for each discrete administrative task and sending the completed forms to the coding office. (To assure accuracy, it is advised that copies be made and tallied to check against the official tally which will be compiled quarterly.)

Your Name

Task (for example: plan day, develop guideline, write budget, do evaluation, etc.)

Complexity level: low (1 -2 thoughts), medium (3 - 4 thoughts), high (5 or more thoughts)

Difficulty level: not very (1 cup of coffee), a bit (one cup of coffee and two Tylenol), very (one cup of coffee, two Tylenol and a PTO afternoon), extremely (delegate)

Value to the organization: peripheral, marginal, central, core

The codes will be totaled and multiplied by the coefficient of effectiveness of your department, minus the percentage of days spent in meetings of more than 1.2 persons average and divided by the number of donuts per capita per diem.

Your code must be supported in the memo generated for each task at the rate of the number of words per RAU set by the actuarial division for each quarter.

We are excited about this new initiative which will surely convince the consumers that our administrative overhead is minimal and valuable.

Here is some selected feedback. There are a large (and constantly increasing) number who would have both the qualifications and motivation to serve on the RAU committee.

Any ideas on $/RAU ???


A select committee of physicians with two or more DSM 4 diagnoses could determine the compensation level.


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