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Hello, friends, family, visiting skeptics and web wanderers. I am Ross Olson. My wife, Karin, and I (although neither of us is perfect) have been married for over 47 years -- to each other the whole time -- and have four children, four children-in-law, four grandsons and six granddaughters . To see details, go to the family page.

We lived in Hong Kong from 1972 to 1980 and speak Cantonese. Now we are lost in cyberspace.

NEWS FLASH !! Our 2017 Christmas Letter is ON LINE.

Granddaughter Annika Olson is featured on the website of Chinese American Association Dance theater or /family/Annika_transformations.pdf.

Courage to speak truth to power is not the invention of investigative reporters. A Jewish girl suddenly thrust into the intrigue of an oriental monarch's palace politics long ago lived it. See the story of Esther.

There are a number of new Biblical monologues. They are essentially historical fiction but based on the Scripture with hopedully sanctified imagination ge get into the minds of the biblical characters.

With despotic rulers in the news again, the stories of Belshazzar and Herod are timely.

Our youngest daughter, KaWan, married Brian Powers on November 25, 2011.

Clara Otelia Olson who was born on April 13,2010 hours before her Daddy's birthday is now already 7! Otelia is the middle name of two ancestors, Great Grandmother Myrtle Eva Otelia Olson and Great Great Grandmother Alma Otelia Marie Johnson. As big sister Laura said, "We are a very girly family. Even our dog is a girl."

Karin's mother, Edythe Falck, died on November 28, 2010, of congestive heart failure. She was sharp right to the end and hung on to say goodbye to family and friends. The Funeral Brochure can be viewed as well as Karin's tribute to her mother and grandson, Nathan Erickson's tribute from the grandchildren. Great granddaughter, Laura Olson, read the 23rd Psalm at the funeral. Karin wrote "For You, Mom" in honor of Mom's birthday March 16.

Ross's father, Stanley M. Olson, died suddenly on February 24, 2009. He was nearly 91 and left a great legacy. You may view the Funeral Brochure, Eulogy by Timothy Olson, Tribute by Ross Olson and the Tribute by Luke Olson.

In 2010, I attended the 50th reunion of the Washburn High School class of 1960. (They used to limit that sort of thing to OLD people but apparently have loosened the criteria.) I wrote a tribute in memory of the 10% of the class who have died. See A Tribute to the Deceased from Washburn High School Class of 1960 I wrote my own bio for the memory book and it looked like THIS.

The Shack is promoted as a Christian book with a powerful message -- and that is partly true. It also contains elements that ought to cause concern. For a review, click HERE.

An article by Karin about our son Matthew Lloyd, who died as an infant in Hong Kong, can be viewed by clicking HERE. It appeared recently in the First Free Church Newsletter

Ross' mother died at age 92 on December 5, 2005. Yet she was ready, she was mentally sharp right to the end and went quickly without suffering. Click HERE for her funeral program and HERE for my tribute.

KaWan -- the artist previously known as Stacy -- (our youngest daughter) was in Hong Kong from May 8 to August 28, 2002, working with Youth For Christ.

Act of Grace Radio

The drama "Nehemiah" was broadcast on the web by Act of Grace Radio at and can be accessed on their archives of "Week 5, September 28, 2006"

The drama "Gabriel" was broadcast on the web by Act of Grace Radio at and can be accessed on their archives of "Week 12, November 17, 2006"

Thanksgiving Katherine Kersten wrote an article for the Star-Tribune about hosting Chinese for Thanksgiving. She didn't put enough emphasis on the fact that we are only one of about 50 families who hosted for the Chinese American afternoon and who knows how many who had Chinese over for the real Thanksgiving. Also the Thanksgiving Day celebration was at Jeff and Rachel's house. But to see the article, click HERE.

Visit Vision Forum for a thoughtful analysis of Harry Potter.

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Doctor and Chart

I was a Pediatrician with a large HMO for 23 1/2 years, laid off due to downsizing. Then I worked with a small pediatric clinic for 6 months but my contract was not renewed. At each location I have been an "outlier" and a non-conformist and these qualities have arguably had a great deal to do with with my departures.

I am concerned about the societal issues that affect the health of my patients and my family and began to speak and write on these issues a number of years ago. My time in the Far East allowed me to see American culture more clearly, especially where it has departed from its roots, not to mention wisdom and truth.

My opinions are based on scientific data, practical experience and my own Christian faith. Because of these opinions, I have sometimes been ridiculed and even punished. But as time has gone on, more and more of those opinions have been vindicated.

I firmly believe that there IS truth and that it is important to know it. In the areas that I explore, I may not have it exactly right and welcome interaction with both allies and opponents. I condemn censorship and dirty tricks, however, and have established this site partly because the media only allow brief and partial exposure of these ideas.

Interestingly, my site is sometimes blocked by internet filters that identify key words, like "pornography." Also, by looking at the hits and searches it can be determined that some who find articles here were actually searching for pornography. And the fact that they clicked on "What's Wrong With Pornography," or some other critique, means that at least for a few seconds (and hopefully much more) they were exposed to the other side of the story.

The design of this site is by my son and heir, Jeffrey R. Olson, computer software engineer and all around nice guy. He taught me everything I know about HTML and, when he gave me the technical assistance to set up a family web site, probably created a monster he will long regret. After learning the ropes, I proceeded to steal from his site the last few things that he did not give me. Thanks, Jeff. Don't complain or there may be no inheritance.

The site is a real potpourri (French for "pot luck," I think -- or was it "pot-hole"?) It includes commentaries on social issues but also some humor pieces. There is poetry ranging from angst to whimsy, seeking to following, fascination to maturation.

Some of the stuff is heavy and there are issues that deserve it. But sometimes it is also necessary to release all that pent up frivolity. So, for a totally ridiculous flight of fancy, check out The Wafting Guide (also see Whimsy).

There is also Biblical Drama -- an attempt to get inside the skin of some of the familiar, and perhaps not so familiar, stories in the Bible.

And certainly not least of the categories is an attempt to explore the foundational question of "who are we?" If cosmic accidents, then the search for meaning is a cruel joke. If created in the image of God, then even our own creativity is a reflection of His. See also the Twin Cities Creation Science Association Web Site which I am trying to manage.

Is the future really unknown to God because it does not yet exist, as Dr. Boyd maintains in his book, God of the Possible? To consider other possibilities in a review, click HERE.

Ross Olson did an uncontrolled and unapproved study of gravity
at Vermillion Falls in Hastings Minnesota on 8/11/01 while hiking with a group of teens
and has recovered and hopefully learned.

For the whole story, click HERE.

Did Ross Olson's experience of 8/11/01
turn out to be a parable of the nation's experience of 9/11/01?
For an analysis, see

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