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For Letters Regarding Evolution/Creation, See 2015
  • "Consensus Science" 2/9/2015 by Ross Olson Consensus is touted as the confirmation of a scientific hypothesis or theory, yet at times, the majority, even the majority of experts, has been wrong.

  • "Debate, Not Doubt" 3/17/2015 by Ross Olson Because mainstream science can be wrong, doubters and their evidence must not be disqualified from the debate and ulterior motives must be recognized amoung the mainstreamers. If one side of an issue is ruled out of bounds, there can be no debate and if the science is on the side of the doubters, then consensus science is anti-science.

  • 2015
  • "Add It Up" 2/9/2015 by Ross Olson It is inconsistent to decry sexual abuse of boy scouts while insisting on allowing homosexual leaders.

  • "School Restrooms" 2/22/2015 by Ross Olson Allowing small single stall "unisex" lockable restrooms for those who identify as transgender would preserve security for those who are not transgender.

  • 2016
  • "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse" 9/9/2016 by Ross Olson Jacob Wetterling's abuse and murder opens all sorts of questions about how to prevent these sorts of things.

  • "Secret Weapon" 10/01/2016 by Ross Olson The way has been opened for victims of terrorism to sue in US courts.

  • "Questioning The Election" 10/19/2016 by Ross Olson Pundits act as if no one has ever questioned the elections.

  • "Targets Woes" 11/03/2016 by Ross Olson By its policy of transgender access to the restrooms and changing rooms in which transgender people feel most comfortable Target has either ignored -- or worse, rejected – the safety and comfort of all the rest of their customers.

  • "Holiday Spirit" 11/03/2016 by Karin Olson Merry comes from the heart, not from a bottle.

  • 2017
  • "Rape culture" 01/02/2017 by Ross Olson Cultures down through history have put boundaries on male sexuality and consent used to mean consent to enter into a lifetime commitment – marriage. Social acceptability required a man to value a woman as worth waiting for.

  • "Calls For Unity" 01/02/2017 by Ross Olson Did Trump exhibit signs of calls for unity?

  • "A Flawed President" 01/02/2017 by Ross Olson Among Trumps flaws is his treatment of women but the centerpiece of women's rights should not be abortion.

  • "Climate change" 3/10/2017 by Ross Olson Dissenting opinions in any field will be excluded and persecuted.

  • "What Should Be Done For Transgender Children?" 3/20/2017 by Ross Olson Testimony before the Anoka Hennepin School Board, 3/20/2017.

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