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Ross Olson
February 16, 2008
To: Editor Star Tribune
Subject: Boy Scouts

You published a commentary on Scouting on February 16, 2008. Something is indeed terribly wrong with the discussion of this topic, but it is not what you think. Political correctness has forbidden inclusion of the crucial details. For example, in December, you printed an article on sexual abuse of children by coaches but refused to publish my response which went as follows:

"Calling attention to sexual abuse of children and adolescents by teachers and coaches is an unfortunate necessity in today's morally relative world ("Who's screening our kids' coaches?" 12/21/07). But in order to complete the story, even if it offends political correctness, please connect the dots and point out that homosexuals are much more likely to abuse than heterosexuals. All the article states is that 56% of victims are girls -- OK, the majority are female. But wait a minute, since only 1 - 2% of the population is homosexual, 44% male victims means that homosexuals are 20 to 40 times more likely to abuse boys than heterosexuals are to abuse girls. Even if you want to use the often quoted but long discredited Kinsey data of 10% homosexuals (drawn mostly from prisons) the risk is 4 times as high. If a story is to be reported at all, a free press needs to report the whole truth."

This is not an aberration, but has been demonstrated in multiple studies. At least 25% of adult male homosexuals admit that as adults, over age 21, they have had sex with boys under age 16. Please do not be hypocrites. If it is wrong for Catholic priests, it is wrong for everybody. And of adult male homosexuals, up t 50% report having been sexually abused in childhood by men. Can you see the implications? No matter what the public relations position states, this is recruitment. The fact is so well established that gay apologists have countered with the claim that the boys were the sexual aggressors, were actually gay and the adult was doing them a favor.

The Boy Scouts organization has a very rational case for excluding gay scoutmasters. Besides the real risk of sexual abuse of the scouts is the "normalization" of a lifestyle that -- if you had true journalist's curiosity -- could be demonstrated to be associated with high risk of physical and mental health problems and violence within the gay community.

Ross S. Olson MD

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