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From: Ross Olson
Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2004
To: Editor Star Tribune (opinion{at}
Subject: Theocracy

Deborah Ellsworth, who is described as a teacher, ("One Nation, Handcuffed Together" 11/6/04) takes a bizarre journey into irrationality by claiming that we would have been better off if Lincoln had not preserved the Union. At least she is facing the hard questions raised by those who think there is no such thing as a just war. But to claim that the Confederacy would have become a haven for evangelicals while all enlightened humanists would have built an earthly paradise north of the Mason Dixon Line should make people understand why so many parents home school. Please, Ms. Ellsworth, try to notice that worldwide abolition of slavery was the labor of evangelicals. It was those who, like you, said "I am a Christian, too" but did not take the Bible seriously who either rationalized owning slaves or found no inconsistency in being "personally opposed to slavery" while doing nothing to end it.

Ross Olson MD

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