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February 13, 1992

Parenting Letters
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17th Floor San Francisco CA 94105

Dear Editor,

Parents of 100 years ago would not have even let your last issue into their homes. In "Kisses Don't Tell," Rebecca Baggett asks regarding us prehistoric Neanderthal type parents who want the very best for our children, "How can they realistically expect young people to postpone sexual activity until marriage (or forever if they are not heterosexual)?"

"ONE PARTNER FOR LIFE," (or none), is what AIDS is trying to tell us! Ms. Baggett would rather place great faith in condoms, which fail to prevent pregnancy in 18% of teenaged women when
used over a year and can do no better with AIDS. Perhaps she does not know that a typical sexually active homosexual male will have 500 to 1000 partners over a (certain to be shortened) lifetime.

If her principle is that self control is not only impossible but undesirable, then child molesters and worse are waiting their cues in the wings.

It is disturbing enough seeing Ms. Baggett fail to understand that sex is intended to be practiced within an exclusive and permanent relationship and that she even wants to convey this ignorance to her children. Beyond this, however, she actually desires to "correct" the children of parents who want them to experience the joy of safe sex within marriage to a faithful partner for life.


Ross S. Olson MD
Minneapolis MN

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