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Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 9:13 AM
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Subject: A Child is a Trust, Not a Trophy

A Child is a Trust, Not a Trophy

The underlying attitude of the “marriage is not a priority” mindset ignores the children. (“Middle Class
Trading 'I Do' for 'Maybe Later'" 6/10). The token, "I am not against marriage, or against men," and
the "assembling" of a group of men to "be there" for the child notwithstanding, the focus is clearly on
the adult’s desire to add parenthood to a string of achievements. Nowhere does the complication of
custody and visitation, even with sperm donors, get addressed. And, of course, no mention is made
of the clear data that the absence of a father in the home is the most powerful predictor of violence,
crime and incarceration, not to mention the correlation with academic failure and poor lifestyle
choices. Just because middle class, educated women are doing it does not make it wise.

Ross S. Olson MD

(This letter was published by the Star Tribune 6/17/2012 under the title "Middle Class Debate Rages Over Marriage and Family")

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