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Date: 07-Oct-1997

From: Ross Olson

TO: Human Resources

Subject: Diversity

I find it interesting that in your diversity letter, there is nothing about PromiseKeepers, a group of Evangelical Christian men, as many as 1 million of whom gathered in Washington DC on October 4, not to demand things from the government, but to pray and commit themselves to be responsible husbands and fathers.

I know that you only do what you are told and the "powers that be" have decided who qualifies and who does not. I just want you to think about it and perhaps feed back what you hear.

Do PromiseKeepers fit the bill as misunderstood? Well, they have been unreasonably criticized by some who make comments like, "Yah, they SAY they will love their wife like Christ loved the church, but wait until they get home and start beating her."

Are Evangelical Christians discriminated against? Yes, simply because they say that there are absolutes -- things that are really right or truly wrong -- they are often considered biased, prejudiced and downright nasty. It is often declared improper for them to talk about the life-changing experiences they have had.

Please consider this a friendly reminder that political correctness often causes fuzzy thinking and it helps to take a step back and reconsider.

Ross Olson MD

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