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April 3, 2001
Dear Editor,

Thank you for calling attention to the tragedy of Teen STD's ("Brief Encounters, Long-term Heartaches," April 3). And indeed, it is not just the diseases that break hearts but the fact that sex is intended for a lifetime committed and exclusive relationship -- marriage.

But the resources you list are no solution and are actually part of the problem. All have promoted what I call "the animal model of adolescence," the idea that teens will have sex no matter what so that the best we can do is try to put a little latex between them.

Would you please publish information on three groups that promote truly healthy sexuality?

Medical Institute for Sexual Health
(Joe McIlhaney MD)
PO Box 162306
Austin TX 78716-2306
phone 1-800-892-9484
phone 512-472-9461
fax 512-472-7062
e-mail mish{at}

National Abstinence Clearinghouse
801 E. 41st Street
Sioux Falls SD 57105
phone 605-335-3643
toll-free 888-577-2966
e-mail mailto:info{at}

Josh McDowell Ministries
Box 1000
Dallas TX 75221
phone 972-907-1000

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Minneapolis MN 55417
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