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A Wake Up Call For America

To the Editor, Star Tribune

September 13, 2001

Dear Editor,

Sober reflection has caused many Americans to turn to God in the face of these terrible events. The mightiest military and most sophisticated intelligence cannot give us complete security. The dangers from biological and chemical terrorism are even more horrific than what we have seen so far.

Only those who trust in the God Who made heaven and earth, Who is both just and merciful, those whose treasure and hearts are not in this world but in heaven, can look at the world both realistically and optimistically. God will triumph in the end. Suffering here is only for a little while and may have the eternal benefit of reminding us that, above all else, we need a relationship with God.

Even our cherished freedoms are being used against us, for they were put in place by America's founders who admitted that the system was only suitable for a people who want to please their Maker. Some claim to serve a god who rejoices in the death of innocent victims, but this is not the true God. They will awake some day to find that they have served the master deceiver, who gives no rewards for service, and has no sympathy for the eternal suffering that the Righteous Judge passes on all who fail to repent.

But that judgment falls not only on the monsters of this world, but also the proud and the self sufficient who will not acknowledge their Maker or admit to their desperate need of Him. Do not continue to march unconsciously towards that doom but rather accept the wake up call that says, "Dear God, we have ignored and resented You. Forgive us by Your mercy and guide us into the future for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ Who took our punishment and demonstrated how deeply You love us. Amen."

Ross Olson
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