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The Boy And The Lunch

What I remember about Jesus happened a long time ago -- well it must have been at least a year. Anyway I was pretty little then and didn't really understand everything.

I had followed the crowd to see what was happening and then heard a man asking people if they had any food because Jesus needed it. I had a lunch of bread and fish and at first I tried to hide it because I was pretty hungry. (My mom says I'm always hungry.)

But then I thought that if Jesus needed it, he was probably even more hungry than me. The man took my lunch, told me his name was Andrew and asked me to follow him to come and see Jesus.

What happened next was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Jesus lifted up the food and prayed. Then as he began dividing it with his hands, it started multiplying and growing so that his disciples were carrying it away as fast as they could go and still there was more.

Then when they were all busy, he turned to me and actually talked to me like I was a real person, not the way most grownups talk. He said, "Thank you for giving everything you had. Now God's Word will grow in you just as the food grew in my hands."

John 6: 1-14

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