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Seniors Day Drama
(Noah's Identity Is Kept Secret)

Introduction: Today we have a visitor with excellent credentials to speak to us on the topics of "Seniors". (Do not give any clue as to who it is.)

Visitor: (Enters in a white beard and wig - Santa Style -- and wearing an out of date suit or slightly loud sport coat. He speaks in a Middle Eastern accent.)

I have been asked to come, from far away, to address you today. My host was kind enough to furnish me with clothing appropriate to your beautiful country. You are presently considering what it means to be old.

Forgive me if I have blundered here using the word "old", for I do not fully comprehend your culture. Apparently you do not always have a feeling of respect and honor for age, so that it is often preferable, I am told, to use some other word to represent the passage of years, and to change the word when it becomes too well known.

Regardless, I wish to tell you about my own experience of what can happen in later life. Perhaps you would prefer to call it a mid life crisis.

I was, at that time, far beyond what you would consider normal retirement age, but my family history was that of extreme vigor into advanced age. Even so, I was seriously thinking of retiring. In fact, I was thinking about really, how do you say, hanging it up?

I had much to live for. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful relationship. We had begun our family later in life but had three fine boys. My construction business was flourishing. Still, things were not what it used to be. Not only were there problems with my employees and customers, it seemed that our whole society was sick. Crime, violence, greed, selfishness and perversions were everywhere.

I guess you could say I was depressed, and I had every reason to be. I felt tired out. There was no longer any bounce in my step, no longer the thrill of getting up each day to face its surprises and challenges.

Then something remarkable happened. I was given an important project to work on. Not only did it turn my life around, it made a mark on history that I never would have believed before it actually happened.

Of course, at that time I did not then know all of this, and if I had been given a choice, I probably would have refused. I was not ready to get involved in anything major at my age and in my frame of mind. But that is not the way it was presented to me. There was no choice.

I will never forget that day. I was going out to inspect a job when I heard an unmistakable voice speaking to me. Now I must tell you that I am a worshiper of the true and living God who made heaven and earth, blessed be His name. My wife and I have done our best to follow His commands and teach our boys to do the same, despite the temptations and distractions of a contrary society. I had been told of men in previous times hearing the voice of God and I always wondered how they knew who it was. Well, I must tell you, there was no mistaking it this time.

He told me incredible things. He saw in every detail all the things that troubled me about the world. There was a day of judgement coming and only those who repented would be spared. He wanted me to declare this message to everyone who would listen. I suddenly had a reason to go on living and interacting with people around me. I was needed.

He also wanted me to work with my hands. He asked me to build something, a great ship, an Ark, He called it. Well, I think you know the rest of the story.

Yet, I have been told that your Day and Age are much like mine was. The whole world is, how do you say, "going down the drain." Maybe you are depressed by it, too. You have lost the enthusiasm of youth. You may think there is nothing left for you to do. Yet God may be asking you to help prepare for the coming catastrophe.

Oh, it will not be water next time. We have His word on that. And you do not have to build an Ark.

But God still gives you work to do. Pray for your neighbors, your relatives, your friends and all the people of the world. Then tell everyone you can, every chance you get, about the coming judgement and the way of escape.

You are not too old. I was over 500 when I was given my assignment by God and over 600 when I had to start a whole new life using only what we brought with us on the Ark. And let me tell you, God gave me the energy I needed, once I started doing what He told me to do.

Who knows, perhaps you will feel like my grandfather Methuselah on his 900th birthday when he said, "I almost feel like I was 600 again."

Genesis 6 - 9

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